heidelberg windmill press clutch problems

Hello, I just signed on with you folks. I am a maintenance mechanic for all different kinds of printing equipment. I have a problem off site with the clutch slipping and lots of metal shavings, and the adjustments are maxed out. When is it time to replace the clutch ring. thanks in advance for your help.


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Never known of a clutch ring being replaced and I operated the same 15x10 and a 12x18 platen for over 40 years, and these were in daily use printing upwards of 20K impressions per day, I also ran a 20x30 cylinder for over 25 years, and this didn’t need any clutch replacement.
Sounds to me as though it has been maltreated, or poorly maintained.


This is a 10x15 press, that is just used for die cutting only. Through cut. Yes the press has not been well maintained. Heidelberg offers several oversize clutch rings so they evedinty go out and you have to have the flywheel bored out to a bigger size. My thought is it be other mechanical binding causing the clutch to slip, but it seems to turn over fine by hand. Just looking for anyone that may have had similar problems. Thanks again.

I have adjusted my clutch ring to the max, yet it is still slipping and the press does not work constantly. I finally pulled out the clutch ring and did not observe any damage.

I would like to know if anyone knows whether or not that the clutch ring is lined with anything like rubber or asbestos.
One thing that’s very recognizable is that there is alot of metal dust underneath the flywheel. I need help from anyone is solving this problem. Thank you.

I am glad to have signed up with you guys, this is a good chance to enjoy the world of letterpress with others internationally. I’ve been in printing for 40 years and iam still having fun with letterpress

You need to take the flywheel to a machine shop. Purchase a new clutch from Heidelberg, if they still have them, or another source. Have the machinist measure the clutch diameter. Have them bore the flywheel drum and install a cast iron insert that is .010” to .015” larger in diameter than the clutch.
Reinstall and run another 50 years.
Just did this for a customer with the same problem.