Flywheel getting stuck

hey all,

has anyone ever had any issues with their flywheel not turning full wheel? i was having some problem with uneven inking so I packed it more on the side where the inking was uneven and then the flywheel was getting stuck. is this normal???

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Yes it’s normal but not good. It means you have too much packing and the press is getting jammed on impression. Have any photos of your problem? You’ll have to lose some of the packing and reevaluate your approach.

If you had to use that much packing on one side to even out the impression it sounds like the platen is not adjusted properly. It should be exactly parallel to the bed of the press. I would strip the platen, make sure it’s adjusted properly and if not correct it, re-dress it, and then try again.


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Milford, NJ

That is what I thought. I am going to start again from ground zero. Oy.