New Rollers for Golding Pearl

Hey all,

So I am just beginning to print on my golding pearl but am having some uneven inking problems. I have a roller gage and tried the tape. How do you know if you def need new rollers? And does anyone know where I can get them for the golding pearl? Thanks!!!

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You don’t say what size Pearl. Tarheel Roller should be able to supply either composition or rubber rollers for the press — be sure to send them a truck for diameter. Have you a full set of identical trucks in good condition (all the same diameter, concentric, and snug on the roller shafts)? Worn or loose trucks could cause the problem. Take a look at my advice to the “Taping: Rollers or Trucks?” query. Checking the bed rails for type height is important. My Sigwalt Nonpareil had low rails that I built up by epoxying 1/16” aluminum angle to them, which also leveled them if they were unevenly worn.

Thanks, It is a 7X11 Improved golding Pearl. I also notice one of the trucks is smaller than the others…

An undersize truck could very well cause uneven inking, since it might cause the opposite side of the roller to lift off the type. Measure them all carefully. Maybe post a photo of the trucks for their shape — I have an odd assortment of trucks that came with my 8x12 Golding Official that may actually be the same kind and maybe one will be the right size. In this photo the two on the left are 1-1/2”, the other 1-5/8”.

image: Golding trucks.JPG

Golding trucks.JPG