Removing flywheel from golding 7X11

Hi guys,

While waiting for my new rollers from RAMCO (who by the way are such nice people) i decided to clean out my press more and get rid of soem of the gunk that resides there.

Does anyone know how to remove the flywheel from the 7X11 golding pearl improved??

Please let me know.


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It should be fairly simple. There is a pin (key) that is locking the fly wheel to the shaft. You should see a groove in the shaft with the pin wedged in there.

I just recently picked up a No. 11 Improved pearl and had to disassemble it. We got the key out with a little leveraging and some pliers. It came out with out much struggle but I would advise to use some WD40 on it before you give it a shot. Be careful not to damage it.

I would also caution that I am no expert on this so if anyone else knows of a different way, please share.

I will be posting some pictures of the disassembling very soon and I will send you a link if you want. I would be interested to see some pictures of your Improved Pearl for comparison. Feel free to email me off the list if you don’t want to post them here. Thanks

Those tapered keys don’t always come out easily. If you can’t pull the key out, try driving the flywheel in until the key is loose. (Block of wood against hub, careful hammer blows to the block.) I’ve seen keys with the head broken off from using inappropriate force.