Adventures in letterpress

Hello all,

I have just bought an adana 8x5 which seams to be in good working order. I am just wondering if you can recommend any good books to help me out.

I have seen quite a few online but without being able to flick through them its hard to tell which would be good for a beginner.

Thank you


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You can visit the website, ( and scroll down to the “Letterpress Printing Manuals” section. I was able to pick up Hartley Jackson’s book for about $15 at a used bookstore recently, and it’s been really helpful. Good luck.

lucie.gray - If you didn’t receive any of the manuals with the press, go to the Help section at Scroll down to “Presses and Printing.” In that section you will find a list of press manuals that you can download. There is a manual for your press, and the Adana publication “Printing Made Easy.”

Hope this helps. - E


I have about 6 or 7 various beginner books that can help. Email for more info.