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afternoon. 3 Mar
also: reddit + lettepress = reddipress? 20 Dec
I would echo the cries for patience....20 Dec
Is this rubber-based or oil-based ink?...28 Oct
really, really nice. rh 19 Oct
Linda, Do you have any pictures of...18 Oct
@Johnny: I don't think keith has...5 Oct
I would echo Dennis, Johnny. Keith @...5 Oct
Rick, If you don't know what it is...14 Jan
Dick, You made me laugh out loud. Both...26 Nov
I echo Jonsel; I've got a Samson no 2...30 Jul
: ) I can't afford new comp (or...8 Jul
I wonder how swedish fish would do... 7 Jul
I love that crazy feedboard.7 Jul
ink bagger.6 Jul
Jhenry, That's what I think these...29 Jun
Thanks for this pic; I'm missing the...29 Jun
The springs encircle two metal rods...28 Jun
Baires (dunno why I called you giorgio...28 Jun
Dick Blick's does have some oil based...24 Jun
this is amazing. glad he's...23 Jun
giorgio, Unfortunately, I don't have...22 Jun
Check out Graphic Touch Letterpress;...22 Jun
giorgio, Email me off list if you'd...17 Jun
I got nervous watching him feed that...9 Jun
So. Some follow up. Reverse the...9 Jun
engaged9 Jun
halfway engaged9 Jun
disengaged9 Jun
Wow, John. That's impressive....9 Jun
The feed table runs the entire front of...9 Jun
well oh well9 Jun
hmm. I wonder if that's the "second...19 Apr
Jonsel: This from Hal Sterne, who wrote...18 Apr
A follow up: I think my original...15 Apr
ah well. worth a shot...31 Mar
This might be really silly, but have...31 Mar
clothdog, Did you decide on...20 Feb
john, I wonder if you're right?!...20 Feb
...and the prize goes to jeff shay...18 Feb