What is it?

At the beginning of this video I noticed a canvas thing flapping between the feedboard and platen. What is it?



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that’s a safety that pushes your hand up so you don’t print fingers. Dick G.

Yep… and you’ll need it when your C&P is cranking out “at least 15,000 impressions per hour… maybe more.”


15,000 iph? on a C&P? yeah right….

I got nervous watching him feed that guy!

When my “speed-o-matic” is set where that press’s was, it doesn’t even move…

I do want one of those finger protector’s though. pretty neat.

Bad Form

Biggest problems on video:

Don’t wear gloves when feeding a press, you lose your feel for the sheet, which is how you know if you have a misfeed (and hence use the throw off). Use a sponge, or rag with a little glycerin on it to give your fingers a little tack to handle the stock. Gloves are fine for mixing ink and wash up, but little else.

Second gauge pin needs to be outboard on the sheet—say 2/3rds out, otherwise the sheet will walk and register will suffer.

You DO NOT feed a press two handed, as that deprives you the opportunity to go for the throw off lever and will sub-consciously(sic) want to try to “save” a misfeed = squishy hands. Also, slow the press down.

Lastly, don’t crow about quality when sheets are falling off the delivery and on the floor : < (((.

Thanks dickg.

Interesting thing, that guard. Does it actually work? Was it one of those guards that people always took off because it was more of an annoyance than helpful?

Looks like this video is an excellent what NOT to do video.