interested in akron

i have been a narrow web flexo pressman for 25 yrs and looking for a new hobby. would like to know if there are any letterpress hobbyist in the akron, oh area that would be willing to give me a demo of thier press and answer some questions before i sink a bunh of cash into something that i may never understand

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There is a great letterpress shop over in Salem, OH that does hold classes. Check out their web site:

thanks dennis for your quick reply but it sounds a little to commercial for me to just see a demo plus it seems like he would bite my head off for stupid questions ( just kidding) i was thinkin more along the lines of a basement or garage hobbyist that could show me how things work and equiptment needed to get started im not ready for any classes yet

I would echo Dennis, Johnny. Keith @ Cranky is patient, incredibly incredibly talented, and was a great help to me when I first became interested in letterpress as a hobby.

Akron’s an old town, too; you may be able to just call around at some print shops to see what they have going on.

Otherwise, if you’re in Columbus, look me up.


thanks for offer i think i may give him a call and see if i can come down for a couple hours to see him in action and ask some questions . my main concern is buying someone elses junk that they know when they sell it to me its gonna be more hassle than its worth ( or they would have kept it) thanks again ,john

Anyone know of the same type of person/opportunities in or around Lawrence, KS?

@Johnny: I don’t think keith has anything to sell; his shop is full production and his presses get used. In terms of acquiring a press, your best bet is to make friends/apprentice with an old pressman who wants to pass on the skills as well as the extra press he/she doesn’t use much anymore…t’ll be in a basement and weigh 2k pounds, but it’ll be well cared for.

@BigBoy: You could do a search here, and see what comes up under press names…?