any interest in 3 new-style C&P and original heidelberg?

I took a road trip today to meet a new friend. 3 hours one way.

I have the (what I believe to be amazing) opportunity to become the owner of the entire contents of a working print shop.

My problem is this, I cannot keep the presses and the larger of the equipment..

There is a working Original Heidelberg press and 3 new-style C&P presses with motors (small, medium, and large size)

2 of the C&P look to be used now and then and I got a demonstration on the smaller one.

There’s a large C&P paper cutter that is used regularly.

There’s what I believe is a stapler or binder (not sure what it is but it’s wire-fed).

The stuff is located in mid-Ohio but depending on the time it takes to find buyers for the presses, I may try to move them into storage up to the Cleveland area.

I would prefer if someone would get them from their current location obviously.

Another aspect of this is I would need to have this space cleared out within a month of taking ownership so any deals would have to be absolute agreements with deposit, etc.

My final (and most horrifying option) would be to scrap the presses and keep only the stuff I can reasonable manage to move.

I had a great time talkign to the owner today and really would love to save this all from the scrap heap but it would definately take a few committments from motivated buyers for these presses.

I’d be VERY willing to let these presses go at considerable savings just to make sure they can be moved within that 30 days.

So let me know.. reply here, shoot me an email and let’s work together to see if we can save the contents of this 50+ yr old print shop.

Here are a couple of TERRIBLE pictures (sorry, all I had was my cel phone).

image: heidelberg


image: small C&P

small C&P

image: galley and type cases

galley and type cases

image: furniture and type cases

furniture and type cases

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Exactly what presses are available?

actually, all of 4 of them.

sorry, I don’t have size info on them because i forgot the sizes he told me and I didn’t take notes. I was like a kid in a candy store.

there’s the original heidelberg.

then the 3 chandlers.
smallest is 8.5x11 and the other 2 go up in size from there.

i could have more info tomorrow when I give him a call.

I’m really just trying to guage interest before I bother him for too many details but i’m trying to work fast because he has a definate timeframe he’s working with.

I’m not too far away, and might be interested in some stuff. Are you just getting rid of presses, or does the whole shop need to be dispersed? What are you interested in keeping?

I will probably keep most of the largest type for posters and all cuts. the furniture sets, the double type case.

Everything else I’d be looking to find homes for to minimize the need to keep a storage unit for too long.

There’s literally tons of linotype there, foundry type.

I brought home all of the wood type today, there wasn’t much of it.

I just think there’d be a lot there that people could use.

I’d love details once you have em. The exact press models and sizes, condition, and price.

Also, some complete fonts as well.

I am in central ohio and looking for a press, also interested in the galley cases and misc. stuff -
614 946 2475 anytime

definately plenty of complete fonts there. mostly ranging from 8-36 pt. might be too small for what i’m looking to do for the most part.

i’ll try to get more info this week and post it here.


I don’t know where in Ohio this shop is located, but there’s ATF 2010 is in Piqua, OH from June 24-27th. Perhaps some of the conference attendees would be interested in the presses?


well oh well

I’m interested in a press and other stuff.
[email protected]

easy come, easy go.

after some discussion with my better half she brought me down to earth to remind me of other things that have to take priority over this deal so looks like it’s not going to happen.

unfortunately this guy wants to get rid of the entire shop in one fell swoop so i don’t want to share the name or location out of respect for the guy.

if you’re sincerely serious and could get down near dayton ohio in the month of august with a 24 foot truck with a lift gate and a pallette jack or a forklift for a couple of days to clear the entire place out, i’d be happy to pass your info along.

maybe you’d be so kind as to send the 48 and 84 pt type you get out of the deal my way for the hookup.

i’m sad.

just shoot me a private mail if you truly have the means to clear out an entire print shop in a couple of days.

My father and I’d be interested in the following and probably more:

All composing sticks
Reglet and furniture cases
2/3 cabinet and cases
Type—wood and metal
Line gauges
Tympan Paper
And on and on….

Dad’s at the Wazgoose right now but would pick up whatever is available on his way back to Indy. A call to (248) 508-0589 would lock this up.


Andrew Churchman
(dad is Dave Churchman)

Is this equipment still up for sale?

i’ll have a much better idea of what is available after an inventory this weekend and about a week or so of cherry picking.

i’ll keep you all posted.

I am in Dayton and my be very interested in all. Please contact me if it is still available.

Sounds and looks like you’re about 3 years late.