kluge letter press motor (I am looking for one)

I am looking for a Kluge letter press motor,12x18 1.5 hp 40c varspeed 900/1800 rpm. 1ph 110/220v 60cy .Please if anyone has one or can tell me where I might find one please contact me. Thankyou

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I have looked every where

Have you tried Norman over @ Hicks Brothers. They have a bunch of Kluges or may know where to get one repaired. Good luck!

awbunny,I live in Ocala fl. .I don’t know Hicks brothers ,could you tell me if they have an email or a phone # I could call them at Thanks

Oops, sorry. I’m in the other promised land (San Francisco). Their website is www.printingequip.com His phone # is on the website. I’ve bought alot of equipment from him and he has been a great resource when he has the time. Good luck!

Unless you have a concern to be “authentic”, any variable speed motor set-up will work to drive your Kluge. You need not seek an original equipment replacement. Variable frequency drives have come down in price in the last few years, and you might be able to find a motor shop in your area that could set you up fairly reasonably with used or new equipment.

At least you’re ahead of most press owners in that you know what range of RPM you are looking for.

hey we have a bunch of extra motors at our shop i’ll check to see if we have one that will work and get back to you.

tony zanni