help identify

either a ludlow or a miehle

image: CIMG0325.JPG


image: CIMG0324.JPG


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These are punches from a Honig (later called a Universal Mono Tabular Broach). Made in Texas, up into the 60’s, these machines were used in job shops for setting rule forms. Triangular holes were punched into the horizontal lead rule, then brass triangular wires were inserted in the holes to form the vertical rules. The brass rules were hairline, one point, two point and parallel. Supporting blank slugs (.875) or Linotype slugs were used to support the wires when in a larger open area.

thanks for the info. i think i had the tabular punch machine but we all thought it was a tabbing machine with no dies. it may have been lost and thats a polite way of saying tossed. i was moving and it didn t make it. i really hate when that happens …. thanks again

Hey piker2r: Don’t feel too bad. I’ve got three of these and all the dies, rules, wires, etc. I couldn’t sell one on ebay, so I guess I could buy a boat and use them for anchors. Kids nowadays don’t really understand why we ever did it this way! Of course I have three kids who I’m certain would appreciate one of these to be left to them in my last will!!!!!