10 x 15 - Board indentation problems with side lay

I have a 10 x 15 converted to foiling and I’m having problems with 540gsm/700gsm board. It only happens with one gripper arm, as the arm drops it and the side lay meets the end of the sheet it makes a small indentation and pushes the sheet approx 2mm out of registration…it doesn’t happen with normal 100gsm sheets just thick board..any suggestions?

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Hi ianprint—
You may already know this: the front standard of the feeder can be turned a bit on its vertical axis. The chrome bar sticking out at the bottom of the standard points to a plate just under the impression lever to show the tilt. To move the standard, loosen very slightly the two bolts that hold it to the frame of the press—not enough so as to allow the standard to rock on its base, but enough so as to allow the standard to be turned slightly using the two screws below the bolts, at right angles to them and pointing out towards the operator.
I ordinarily leave the the standard like this so that I can adjust the angle without much effort. A small adjustment will often establish register or help with poorly-cut stock. On guides, it seems to me that the press likes to be not quite one mark towards the back of the press from the centerline of the indicator; running open, it seems that the press runs more or less square when the pointer is towards me about one mark.
Other than that, try slowing the press down. Try watching at the side of the press as it closes to see if the sheet is meeting the bottom guides correctly and sliding up in the gripper arm without catching. If the job is not too long, you can try feeding every other sheet with the arm that registers. I have been known to reef on an arm too—not exactly printing science.

Good luck! Brian

Thanks Brian,

I’ll try the advice above, did what you mentioned at the end, printed with the one good arm as it was only a 200 run!
I think it’s more of a packing issue, the guy who sold me the machine told me to stick the thickest presphan on the bed with double sided tape, this packing fills the allowance immediately as per guide on machine….he then suggested packing behind the chase to get even print - add a 700gsm board and the arms are probably struggling as is the machine!
Need to go through the basics and perhaps adopt the letterpress method of packing for the hot foil and stop printing 700gsm or just stop using the lays

Thanks again,

If your sheet is bouncing away from the side guide you can adjust or lengthen the front lay gauge pins, slow down the press or use the flying dutchman trick(previously mentioned on this site).