good graphic/vector download sites

hey all,
I have some great graphics that I’ve download of the web, but I’m looking for the ultimate website that offers some very good illustrator/vector images that I can use on my plates. Any ideas?

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Just to clarify, an extended license must be purchased if you intend to use any image/illustration on items for resale! Use in design work or personal use is what is covered in the standard purchase price. See the full user agreement for details!

I am a FT illustrator for them so I thought I would quickly clarify that!

I dont know what the policy is for other website artwork so you may want to verify before using the items for resale.


Scroll to the right on this website (bluevertigo) and you’ll find a whole bunch of great stuff.

As Brandi mentioned, you’ll want to look closely at extended licensing options/requirements. Licenses for resale cost quite a bit more so that is always something to consider.


The Cuts & Caps portion of briar press is pretty great, too…at the risk of being obvious. The premium to use an image commercially seems fairly inexpensive to me. rh

Fantastic! Thanks all!

I usually catch up with things around a year late, so I apologise! I have some vector collections to purchase and some free downloads. You are most welcome to visit-

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I’ve been very happy with Vector Magic ( You upload bitmap images and they send you quality vector images, certainly better than what I could produce as a hobbyist who wants to spend more time at the press than at the computer. Here’s a photo showing some free clip art that I had them vectorize. I decided to have this particular one hand-traced to get exactly the effect I had in mind, but I’ve recently had them do two more that required no tweaking whatsoever.