Challenge Paper Cutters

Does anyone know the difference between the models H, HB and HBE in Challenge cutters?


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A little help here 305 H should be 30.5” blade power cut with manual clamp. I think the B is for power backgauge. Google the cutter you are interested in and you may be able to figure it out as the letters often represent the cutter’s features. Hope that helps a bit

Thanks, Mike.

It seems your description of the H is spot on. The HB has a crank for the back gauge and knobs on each side (instead of buttons) for cutting. And the HBE has buttons for cutting; I would guess the ‘E’ stands for electric actuation of the hydaulics, whereas the knobs of the HB are for manual operation of the hydraulics?

Can anyone verify this for me?

Sadly, Google is useless sometimes!