cast iron filler, remove drive pulley

2 quick questions relating to restoring a C&P 10x15.

I have heard mention of some kind of “blue filler” in the forums to fill holes/low spots in the cast iron. Can someone touch upon what product is typically used for this?

Also, any recommendations for removing the drive pulley from the press? I have removed the 3 bolts but am unclear as to how this is still attached to the shaft. Is a key used to attach this pulley? It doesn’t seem to want to budge. This is on the right side of the press, opposite the flywheel.

Thanks so much for an assistance that you can provide.


image: drive_pulley.jpg


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The “blue filler” is most likely Bondo, one of several brands of auto body filler available from auto parts stores, Home Depot, etc. Originally white lead was often used. The idea was to smooth out and fill imperfections in the casting before painting. It is a two part substance, the final color being determined by the hardener that is mixed with the gray paste in the can. It is sometimes red as well as blue.

The bolts pull a mating hub on the inside of the pulley towards the hub on the near side to create a compression fitting around the shaft. You will have noticed that there were three additional threaded holes between each of the bolts. Take the bolts you removed and thread them into those holes and, taking turns from one to the other, tighten them. They will bottom out against the opposite hub and push the two hubs apart as you continue to tighten them. Just make sure and go around from one to the other so the hubs separate squarely. When the hubs have separated they will be loose enough on the shaft for removal.


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Rich, the drive pulley came off oh so smoothly. Thanks so much. Paul, JB Weld it is. I’ll be picking that up soon (I think Home Depot has it).

Thanks, guys.