ATF Little Giant Manual (model 6?)

Hey briar press community, i am in search of an ATF Little Giant operators manual. I believe it is a model 6 from other descriptions of similar looking models. it is automatic feed with a 12x 18 chase. there are some photos here:

if you have one or know where i can find one please let me know. if you have one and can make me a copy that would work too, i’ll even pay for the copies and shipping.

Hope you can help me locate this.

thank you briar press community.

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You will find a pdf right here:
use the pull down menus for ATF, Little Giant #6, and manual, then download

That is awesome thank you. i didn’t know boxcar had that on their site that rules.

thank you


Type High:

Your press is a Model 5 Little Giant. Very similar to the Model 6, but different covers, etc. I have a manual for the Model 5 which I could scan and provide to you if you wish. Email me and we can work out the details.


I’m a budding pressman, and I’ve got a CP OS 8x12 that I’m in the process of refurbishing. I’ve worked on a Vandercook SP-15. However, I’ve got the opportunity to get a ATF LG 6. Can you offer any insights into this machine? What should I be wary of, what are the up sides, what about finding spare parts? etc…