What do I have?

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I’ll let people with more expertise chime in, but I think it is an Elm City press. I have one somewhere in the shop. Never used it. Picked it up simply because it was “something different” under the general philosophy of trying to have at least “one of everything.”

It is indeed an Elm City press. It’s a crappy little piece of tin and impossible to print on. Dust it off and put it up on a shelf as a novelty.

The is a “toy” sold years ago in novelty catalogs. It has no real value as a tabletop press such as a Kelsey or better
tabletops. Do NOT waste your time, money and energy
trying to get this to print. Totally impossible. Try to get a
“real” tabletop if you want to learn to print. You will have
plenty to do with a good press!