Typeface I.D.

I recently acquired some nice foundry type, as shown in the picture; the 42 pt. has “Richard” as an I.D. mark, I have it from 12 pt. to 72 pt. Anyone with English type specimen books?

The script has “S & B” and is on an intricate type body, also owned in several sizes.

Thank you in advance, Dan.

image: Typefaces.JPG


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The second is Stephenson Blake’s Palace Script introduced in 1923.

I believe the first face is Trajan, from Miller & Richard (England) foundry, c. 1925. I found this in the 1958 edition of the Encyclopedia of Type Faces.

Thank you to you both, some of the European faces are elusive, I have a few more to post sometime.

Canada ended up with a mixed bag of American & English type & equipment; this type is beautiful, it’s great to know the names.