Source for roller trucks???

I’m trying to get delrin roller trucks for my 8x12 C&P platen press and I can’t get a hold of NA graphics. (My MERC trucks are not staying round.) Anyone know of another supplier?


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Fritz at NA Graphics has had some medical issues, and is doing rehab during part of the day. If you will leave him a message clearly stating your name and number he will get back with you as soon as he can. He is a great guy. You can also send him an e-mail.
Dont give up on NA Graphics

Anne got in touch with me—emails ([email protected]) and faxes (970-387-0127) are best for a while if you can’t reach a live person. During my out of town rehab work, the phone often goes unanswered as I am relying on friends to cover the office. My office manager is out for a while on personal business, so we are short handed, but still shipping.

Fritz/NA Graphics