Newbie Question about Rollers for a Kelsey Model x


I’m looking at a Kelsey Model x and it has no rollers as of yet, but I’m a little confused at where two rows of rollers would be mounted. I know some Kelsey’s have two rows (two rollers stacked) but this machine has what looks like only one spring and one hook on either side. What would I need?

Thanks!!! I’m obviously just starting out.

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Most tabletop presses have two rollers and two roller hooks on each side. A photo possibly would show if anything else is missing. Suggest that you get the roller hooks first and then buy two new rollers with roller trucks.
Rollers are important part of good inking, etc.
Email for additional info.

The Kelsey Model X seems to be a 6x10 press which would almost certainly have had two rollers originally. So you need a second set or roller hooks and springs. The roller carriage should have another set of holes for the second hooks.

The roller hooks are fairly simple affairs, so if you can’t find a second used pair a machine shop should be able to make you some. New springs should also be available from suppliers of springs.

Rollers can come from a number of sources, including NA Graphics and Tarheel Roller. They’re in the yellow pages here on Briar Press or you can google them.

The Model X has two rollers but only one spring and arm on each side.

Thanks folks…

As Ginkgo says, the Model X has two rollers but only on spring and arm on each side. I know I need trucks and two rollers…but is there a separate mechanism to get both rollers on there…if there is only one “saddle” how is it the rollers will “stack”…is there a third item I need to hold the ends together AND allow them to rest in the saddle?