Tips and advice — gingham?

I’m wanting to print some baby announcements with a gingham look. If I use the same color and make two passes through the press (one for the vertical lines, one for the horizontal) and the plates are solid lines, will I get a gingham effect? I’m thinking yes, but I thought I’d put it out there—anyone ever try this before?


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as long as the ink’s a little translucent, right?

that’s what I’m thinking…

If the plates are solid lines you won’t get a gingham effect—you’ll just get a simple plaid without the characteristic three-tone look of gingham (dark colored squares, light colored squares, white squares).

I wonder if you could make screened lines that would work?

The small area where the two overlap will in fact be the darker area and the advise to make sure the ink is transparent would very important.

Having spent many more years with textiles than with type, I was too focused on how to reproduce the look of the lighter squares that comes from the weaving pattern—but indeed you can approximate it with the right ink. (duh!)