question about prop cards

I’m in the progress of designing and printing my first prop card for my new press. I found the description and samples from Briar Press very helpful but still have one question.

What is APA###’s? Is it a member # for the American Printers (or Pressmen) Association?

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Yes, you get your number after you are accepted in the group.

Forgot to mention, the group is the AMALGAMATED PRINTERSASSOCIATION

Membership in the APA is limited to 150, but there are usually a few openings in January when the inactive members are booted out. There’s usually a waiting list of people wanting to join. I don;t know if there’s a waiting list just now or if there are any openings. Check their web site for more information.

Prop cards are not limited to APA members. They were first suggested, I believe, by Ben Lieberman in his book, Printing as a Hobby in 1963.