Help Pulling Gear on C&P 8x12

So I need to remove the drive shaft which attaches to the flywheels and am having a difficult time removing the gear from the shaft.

I have googled around and it seems that people are recommending using a gear puller. I was wondering if this is even possible with the wedge pin still in place? It seems trying to pull the gear at this point is just going to pull against that wedge pin and not get me anywhere?

I have tried taking a blow torch to it and then pounding the gear inwards in the hope of getting a little movement to then be able to remove the pin. This doesn’t seem to be working as of yet.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I was able to pound mine in and get the pin out without torching…just persistence and patience. I think elsewhere drilling the pin out is recommended…

You will need to remove the pin/key.

I have had similar challenges and found the most success with using a metal wedge to wedge out the key. Fit the wedge between the gear and the key and hammer/sledge the wedge into the space between the two.

You might also try using a metal pipe that fits over the shaft and key (pipe the size of the gear) and hammer the pipe to push the gear “away” from the key (towards the press). In my attempt with this approach, I wasn’t successful but others have recommended it.

Putting penetrating oil on the key can help loosen it up (Kroil, etc.).

Drilling is a last resort as you are likely to damage the keyway and risk having the key no longer holding the gear firmly in place when you reassemble things.

The gear puller with the key still in place is likely to be difficult.

In addition to the suggestions by Gillyfish and jjdewitt, try using a slide hammer on the lip of the key.

We took jjdewitt’s suggestion of using a metal pipe that fits over the shaft… it worked and the shaft is out!

Now we need to move this slightly slimmer press into house.

Thank you all so much!

We have Arie to thank for these suggestions as she assisted me with this not too long ago.

This letterpress community is a beautiful thing! :)

jjdewitt: Thanks for the credit but it is hardly my idea. I’d gotten it from others and just passed it on when I had a chance. Also, to correct a small misperception…my children will all testify that I’m their dad. Named after a grandfather. Not the first time my first name has caused some gender confusion, but it is a good Dutch name for sons.