typeface and sf printer

just checking to see if any bay area residents know of printerey and type face. willats printing sf willats printing and binderey

image: CIMG0491.JPG


image: CIMG0460.JPG


image: CIMG0459.JPG


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Willats Printing Company was a forms printer in SF, starting in 1906 and continuing for 90 years in a nice brick building at 950 Folsom, with roofline bowed from subsidence. They were APTC shop 173.
In the late 80s or early 90s, John Repetto took over the letterpress division and with equipment from a few other shops started JR Press. I thought Willats continued as web offset forms printers, but this website says they closed in 1996:

Apparently the original question was a two-parter. Great info about Willats Printing Company.

The types shown are: (first picture) Clarendon Extended, (second picture - left side) French Clarendon Condensed, (second picture - center) Cheltenham Bold Condensed, (second picture - top right) Gothic Condensed, and (second picture - bottom right) Gothic XX Condensed.

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