Windmill Safety - (Stickin’ my hand in it.)

How dangerous is it to stick my hand between the platen and the chase in my idling Windmill?

Assuming the safety bar is UP, theres no danger, right? There’s no way the press could be engaged unless I tugged on the clutch lever. Even if the clutch failed, it would fail in OFF mode, not ON mode…I think.

In my logical mind, this makes sense. In my uncrushed-hand loving mind, this is terrifying.

I’ve been doing it forever and I haven’t squashed a hand, but it would be great to hear someone else’s input on the matter!

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i run 2 windmills all day long since the 70’s. still have 10 fingers with none being crushed, my only fear is having someone else tug on the clutch, so i don’t let anyone near any of my equipment when it is running, especially the paper cutter. the scariest thing abuot the windmill to me is the darn thing don’t back up very easily,

As one who spent 50+ years running letterpress machines, and ending my days as a works director with responsibility for health & safety, I advise switch the power off before you put your hand in any dangerous places.

I remember many years ago getting my hand caught in the distributor rollers of an Heidelberg cylinder; I didn’t lose my hand but it swelled to about twice the normal size with fortunately no broken bones; but one of the rollers was bent and had to be scrapped!!

After that it was a case of Safety First and Last.