Adana Disassembly

So I recently purchased an Adana Eight-Five and I was thinking it would be nice to take it apart and clean it up a bit. However, while working on it today I hit a snag. I can’t seem to get any of the hinge pins out, I don’t think they are press fit together because they rotate slightly, but for the life of me I can’t get them out. Any advice on removing the pins?

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There is is a hex screw on the end of the pins. There are two ball bearings that are pushed out by the hex screws.
The ball bearings keep the pin in place.

Back out the hex screw a bit (which lets the ball bearings move into the space previously occupied by the screw) then lightly tap on the pin and it should come out.

I have also just purchased an Adana 8x5 also. I though about giving it a good clean up, nut then I though that at the moment, it seems to be in working condition, a little rusty in places but nothing that wire wool wouldn’t clean up. I re-greased the impression screws and left it at that. I know that f I was to take it apart, something would go wrong and render it un-usable!!