C & P Pilot Surface Maintenance

I have just acquired a Chandler & Price Pilot New Style. It was pretty rusty when I got it and I spent hours cleaning all the rust off. Now I wonder how to maintain it. It seems to have the original paint, but the paint has worn off quite a bit. Can I oil it? If so, what kind of oil would you recommend? What can I use for the parts that touch the paper, ink, etc.? I saw someone recommends paste wax…does that work? Also, is there something different I should put on the moving parts?
Any feedback would be very much appreciated!

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Yes, you can rub paste wax on any machine surface except the ink disk since you will be using solvents to clean that surface. All moving parts get motor oil or heavier. I keep an oil can beside my press, and oil it every chance I get. Paste wax on the painted surface wouldn’t hurt. You won’t need to buff out the wax on the base and platen as they will naturally buff as you use the press.

Thank you so much!