Super Beginner Looking for a Printer

I’m not sure if this is the correct forum, so my apologies if I am mis-posting - but this seemed to be the best fit, and this seems like the right community to ask.

I am working on a small project, and am looking for someone to do letterpressed materials for it. I need a large number of business-card-sized cards printed, as well as an instruction booklet. There will be 144 cards, and they will be 2”x3.5”, so 12 could fit on an 8.5x11 sheet. The instruction booklet will be 8 pages of 3”x4.5”. Both the cards and the booklet pages will be double-sided.

So what I’m looking for is a good press that can do this sort of job - both in an initial run of 250, and in follow-up runs of about 2000. Ideally I would like somewhere that uses environmentally-sustainable processes where possible, and would like somewhere that can use organic cotton paper - a heavier weight for the cards, and a lighter weight for the booklet.

I might be totally out of line asking such a thing here, in which case, please feel free to correct me, and accept my apologies. If this is okay, though, any suggestions as to good presses would be great, or any presses would could give me a ballpark estimate, I would be thrilled.

Thanks so much!

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Could possibly help you and could provide some pricing Monday. Where are you located?

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We are located in Northern California (Mendocino, 95460).


Have you talked to Zida Borcich in Fort Bragg? She has been doing letterpress work in Mendocino for a long time.

Hi Parallel_Imp - Zida is actually the mother of a great friend of mine, and she was (of course) the first person to come to mind. I haven’t been able to get in touch with her yet, but I wasn’t sure she could do large enough prints to make it worth it. I am continuing to try to get in touch with her, but am interested in alternatives in case she can’t do it.

Thanks for mentioning her though, it makes my little heart warm!

Great quality, amazing turn-around. Check em out.