Rob Roy Kelly wood type collection

If anyone is interested in his wood type collection here is a website.


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Thanks Casey. That is a beautiful website. I wish something like that were available for metal type. Anyone want to develop an online McGrew? One that would eventually include all metal type? It would take massive resources to make it complete and correct, but maybe someone knows of some potential sources of funding? Just a thought!


Great find, thanks for sharing.

Awwww Rob Roy Kelly! Thank you for sharing!

I would be willing to host and code for an online metal type museum. I don’t have an extensive collection myself, and I’m not sure how UT made those proofs look so nice, but I would gladly experiment to figure it out.

Rob Roy Kelly was the best. I was lucky enough to have had him as a professor for visual communications the last year he taught at ASU. Too bad I didn’t have an interest for letterpress then. It would have been lovely to talk to him about the craft.