Potter Proof Press…Got one?

I just purchased a Potter Proof Press #3. It is in great shape and ready to work. I of course need to learn how to print but that will come. Looking for others that may be Potter owners. Anyone out there??

Any letterpressers in Sacramento?

image: 3k83p23l5ZZZZZZZZZ96i2dde259c57661525.jpg


image: potter.jpg


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I’ve recently acquired a No2 Potter - missing the ink table and feed boards, and with only some of the gripper parts. But it works… and means that I can at last print some of my wood type which was too big for my Simplissimus platen (yes, that seems to be a rare one!). Is there any chance that you or someone else could let me see some detail pix of the grippers and how they actuate (cam?) as the cylinder comes around? I haven’t, so far, been able to locate any other Potters to look at in my part of the world (New Zealand).

Hallelujah…someone with a Potter!
I would be happy to take some pics for you.
I have not yet printed anything. Still trying to figure it out.
Mine is missing the foot lever as seen in pics. Not sure what that does either. I do have the top feeder board and 3 rollers, the inkers I suppose. Just today I attached some paper and ran it around. Doesnt seem like it will match up to the blocks.
Still need to experiment.

I will post some pics by tomorrow.
Feel free to email.


There must be a fair number of other Potters around, but I don’t happen to remember where I’ve run across them being mentioned. Mike, a bit closer to you than New Zealand is the one in the printshop at History Park in San Jose, California. It’s a No. 2, I think, certainly doesn’t have auto inking or a feed board. We don’t use it very often, and Circut5, I don’t think the grippers on ours work either, but maybe together we can figure it out. Mike, on our No. 2 the foot pedal takes it off impression while the bed returns.

Dave R., San Jose Printers’ Guild

Let’s find out just how many there are. I just posted a new census of Potters on my website:


12mdesign, I have a potter number 2 with foot pedal
and no ink train, it’s for sale. I have done some printing on it. the foot pedal raises the cylinder so you can return the bed without printing on the top sheet.Willard Clark printed
on a potter when he returned to printmaking, his grandson
still does restirkes on ot today.Best james