Rider roller- missing connecting clamps/bolts

Hi there. I have a rider roller and no means to connect it to the press (10x15 Windmill) Does anyone know where I can find them? Is Heidelberg my only option?

Thank you.

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a picture of the roller might help. my rider roller has the part to mount it on the roller, i have some parts from another heide, dont know if i have the part you need but will look tomorrow. dick g.

I will try and post one this afternoon. Thank you!

The parts you need are:-
2 Guide pieces Ref T 901.015. and
2 Hex head screws 8 x 25 mm Ref J6.

Heidelberg is probably your only source.

i checked and i dont have what you need, i think there is someone in the yellow pages on this site that sells parts for heidelburg, if you have a parts book the part doesnt look hard to make, maybe a machine shop could help you. good luck dick g.