Reproduction C&P Feedboard Brackets?

A while back I saw a site where someone selling was reproduction feed board brackets for the C&P 8x12 and 10x15. Does anyone know who that was and/or have a link to the site?

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

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I think there was a link on the Iron Handpress site.

Hi Rich,
I am assuming you mean Rummonds’ site, correct? I have had a look and don’t see it.


I’m interested in this as well… I just ordered my C&P 8x12 from Detroit (I live in Boston), and the upper feed table was damaged in shipment (by the carrier, who is denying any culpability)— really, the bracket was broken. it look like someone sat something extreamly heavy on it.

pics available below if anyone can help me locate this part:

image: broken press.JPG

broken press.JPG

A good welder could fix that.

The site for feedboard and stand used to be an off shoot of Stan Nelson’s site. The site is no longer working and I can’t remember Stan’s site name.

Good luck on your search.


Thanks Mike. I will write to Stan. I’ll let you folks know what I find out.


In case you need a replacement, I have one. I removed an 8x12 from a basement…the press is pretty much trashed but I have a match and am using it for parts. I do not need the feed table brackets. Just email me if you need them and i will shoot a few photos to e sure they are ok for you.

Hi Clay— ygm!

The site was run by Stephen Nelson, who wrote a great artical about the smithsonian closing its graphic art exhibit a few years back.He has a vast collection of letterpress’.
I believe he is running an auction house in Foster RI.
best james