printer’s pie recipe

While perusing my many tomes of printing lore I came across an interesting recipe for printer’s pie.

1 part mayonnaise
1 part peanut butter
1 slice of white bread
serve open face in paper printer’s hat.

Since our taste have evolved from the 1950’s I have devised a modern rendition of this particular plate.

1 tablespoon homemade aioli
1 tablespoon organic california walnut butter
1 half crusty demi-baguette

I’m sure taste buds will be quite satisfied with this updated recipe, but for those who dwell in the past (as many of us do in the printing world) a classic printer’s pie might be in order next time your stomach growls.


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Ah! Thank you, pm. They both sound good to me, but out here in the rural Texas Hill Country, I’m not sure we can find the organic California walnut butter. And where do I find the recipe for homemade aioli? Mayonnaise, peanut butter, and white bread are all available. May change the white bread to a good homemade wheat or 6 grain bread.

Thanks. That will go well in the room with my Washington and Adams Cottage presses.


Isn’t that an Adams cottage cheese press?