Does anyone know what brand/model this press could be?

Hi everyone,

I am thinking of buying the press in the picture. The seller is not sure about the brand or the model. Does anyone out there know what this press could be?

I am only a beginner but despite the dirt and bits of rust, the press seems to be in good shape. The flywheel turns smoothly.

I would love to know what you guys think and would greatly appreciate any comments or advice you might have.


image: Image024.jpg


image: DSCN4232.jpg


image: DSCN4231.jpg


image: DSCN4229.jpg


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Looks like a Golding Jobber of some sort - they are very nice, sturdy presses. Notice the “harp” shaped roller arms. Buy the best rollers you can afford, this press is capable of very nice work.

Hi Bill,

I think you’re right. It did have an ink duct like the ones of a Golding Jobber. Thanks for your comments, were really helpful.