Feed board dimensions for C&P

Hi all,
Could someone with access to one please send measurements of the feed board on a 12x18 Chandler & Price? I’m making up a new one for hand-feeding our Craftsman (with Rice feeder.) I’d be surprised if anyone still has the original accessory board for one of these, but I’m sure the old- or new-series dimensions would be fine. Thanks!

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Watne, I’m working on a new style 12x18. The board width is 25 1/8”. The back ledge extends 2” up from top surface of board. Depth I’m guessing at 14” as mine is broken.

If your auto feeder is still attached and you are disengaging it too hand feed you should not make it any bigger than the largest sheet you are going to run as things get a little tight for space. Above mentioned 25 1/8” is for the delivery table on a press that does not have an auto feeder. I used to have a 12x18 with top delivery we only used it for short runs ended up removing the system as replacement parts were not available. The only good that came out of that is it made for more working area and less moving parts.