Letterpress on ebay

I found what I think is an outstanding deal on a C&P Press on ebay, I am wondering if an expert can look at the listing and tell me whether or not they see any obvious disasters?
Thanks in advance.

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That’s a good price for an 8x12 New Style C&P. Transportation might be an issue unless you’re in the Arlington TX area and can pick it up. DO NOT trust their shipping as many such outfits have dropped and broken presses like that. A rigger would charge more than their $300 to crate it and deliver it any distance at all.

Looks nice. Go for it.

Thank you so much for looking. I will look further into shipping options. Do you have any suggestions for unloading it once I get it home?

I am correct to say that the pallet weight of this press is approx. 1250 lbs?

For the record (people trying to price, etc.):

The press appeared to be a NS 8x12, good condition with minimal rust, probably 100% operational with a good cleaning, treadle, no motor, NS short fountain, single chase, double ink disk.

The press sold for $425.