Adana HS2 ink disk

I am reassembling an Adana HS2 printing press that came to me in parts. It’s numbered 10049 and has a bed with an internal size about 6.5 by 4 inches. All the parts are there and reassembly has been straightforward except for the ink disk and the ratchet mechanism that rotates the disk.

It’s not something I’ve touched, but I think too much of the shaft the ink disk rotates on may be protruding from the casting with a result that the disk is too high in relation to the bed and the ratchet arm.

The first photograph is a view with the disk in place and the second shows the amount of shaft protruding when the disk is removed.

Can anyone provide me with some measurements to help me determine whether the disk is in the right place? The smaller images are scans that I’ve drawn on to indicate the dimensions I’m looking for.

With the disk in place measure:
• the distance between the red casting and the base of the underside of the ink disc. Distance A. In my case the distance is about 0.305inches or 7.76 mm
• the distance between the base of the lip of the ink disk and the top of the bed. Distance B. In my case the distance is about 0.405 inches or 10.3 mm.

With the disc removed measure:
• the length of the shaft protruding from the red casting. Distance C. In my case the length is 0.885 inches or 22.47 mm.

The third measurement is the easiest but the others would confirm the situation.

The shaft the ink disk rotates on seems to be an interference fit in the casting. Has anyone had to adjust or replace that shaft?

I’d welcome any advice – I’m keen to use the press.

image: IMGP2541cropped.JPG


image: IMGP2531cropped.JPG


image: IMG_0004.jpg


image: IMG_0002.jpg


image: IMG_0003.jpg


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Hi! The shaft on mine goes right down into the red casing so that it is not visible at all. The base on yours looks a bit rusty, which is why it won’t go right in I should think.

My problem is the ratchet, which I have tried every way I can think of and still can’t make work. It will turn the wheel once, but is then pushed out of place on the way back down and can no longer reach up for the next turn. I feel it ought to have a spring or something.

Anyone have the answer?

I have been using Adanas since 1960 so claim to know about them.
From your pictures it is clear that someone has tried to modify the Press. The ink Disk is not orriginal and the ratchet is wrongly mounted.
Where are you? I could help.

Thanks for these responses. I also had an off-post email and between them they’ve confirmed that a standard Adana has the shaft fixed in the ink disk and that the shaft rotates in the casting.

On close inspection the shaft in mine seems to be a fractionally smaller diameter than it should be but tightly fitted into the casting using a very thin bush. The ink disk is a nice rotating fit on the shaft. I’ve managed a work around that should do while I look around for a normal Adana ink disk.

I used a small gear puller to push the shaft further into the casting so the ink disk now rests against the red casting. I’ve made a washer out of .05mm steel shim stock to provide a smooth bearing surface for the ink disk. The disk rotates smoothly, seems to be at the right height and the rollers seem to move on and off the disk comfortably. I haven’t adjusted the bed yet, so I haven’t had a chance to try it with ink.

Given that I’m dealing with a non-standard ink disk I’ve made a different ratchet striker that works for me. See the photo which shows the one that came with the press and the new one. It’s aluminium because that’s what I had to hand. The extension acts as a counterweight that lifts the front so it engages with the ratchet when you push the print handle down.

I think I’ve got the press to a working state. But I would be interested to see underside photos of the correct HS2 ink disk, and of the HS2 ratchet striker mechanism properly adjusted.

Thanks for your offer of help Mike but I’m in Adelaide, South Australia and I see you are based in the UK. Do you know any UK sources that would be worth contacting for HS2 parts. I know of Caslon but they only seem to have 8x5 parts.

image: Ratchet striker 2.JPG

Ratchet striker 2.JPG



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