Heidelberg Windmill picks up too many sheets of paper

Hi, I bought a Windmill and it works well except it will sometimes pick up more than one sheet of paper more than I would like. I’m using Crane’s Lettra and have tried using the paper feed adjustments and I’m using only one 22 sucker. It will feed one sheet at a time for about 3 sheets, then it might pick up three at a time, then one sheet for the next 5, then maybe six at one time.

Should I look into different suckers? Or is this just a finicky machine?

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You don’t need the rubber suckers for Lettra, the straight metal suction should be fine.

Feeding multiple sheets typically happens when the stack gets too high. Keep it low, use a bit more blast, and more tilt on the sucker bar…

It’s maddening, eh ;-)



i’ve run railroad board without suckers, i’ve never used them on my windmills. Dick G.