How does the ratchet work on an Adana HS letterpress?

Hi, I am completely new to letterpress and we bought this one on ebay. We have ordered rollers and roller bearers and everything else seems to be intact.
The problem is we just can’t work out how to adjust the ratchet so that it turns the wheel. At the moment it will move the wheel once, but as it returns it gets pushed down so that it can no longer touch the wheel the next time round. It looks to me as if it ought to have a spring or something.
If I tighten it so that it can’t be pushed down, everything just jams.

Anyone have a picture or ideas on how it is meant to work?

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Check out the Adana manual that you can find on this site.

Thanks, I had a look there, and found a lot of helpful things, but it still doesn’t explain how to adjust the ratchet correctly. Is it supposed to be screwed completely tight, or should it move? If it doesn’t move it jams, and if it moves it goes out of place after the first push.

image: DSC02034 1.jpg

DSC02034 1.jpg

image: DSC02030 1.jpg

DSC02030 1.jpg

In your last picture it looks like the ratchet has another hole in it.
Have you tried unscrewing the ratchet from its arm and moving the fulcrum of the ratchet to the other hole?

Yes I tried that, but then it doesn’t quite reach up.