Golding Pearl Questions

I’ve found a Golding Pearl Press that the seller says is in “great shape and needs only minor cleanup and restoration”.

I’m a letterpress newbie and this would be my first press. My idea first press would be the Monarch by Craftsman but I’ve had little luck finding one.

I’m attaching the images sent to me by the seller and would love some feedback, and tips of what I should look out for.

image: DSC_1875.jpg


image: DSC_1877.jpg


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That’s a Golding Pearl Oldstyle #3. It should have a 7x11 chase. It is a very nice press and everything appears to be there. I’d say grab it, dust it off, get some new rollers, and get to printing…

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Thanks Daniel!

Hi Mary,

Interested! Did you get your press!

I have acquired one similar but in need of some TLC.

If you have purchased I’d appreciate if you could send me some pix of the chase. I don’t have one and was hoping to get someone to machine one if they new what it looked like it might help along with inside and outside dimensions.
Eager to hear how you made out.

kimberly, you should try don black, he might have a chase for you, he is in canada. dick g.

dick, thank you - I was in touch with Don’s son Craig, and they don’t have anything presently…will be keeping my fingers crossed. thanks K

kimberley, you could try letterpress things in massachusetts,if he don’t have one try making one out of plywood, i have made a couple and they work well, good luck dick g.