13 x 18 windmill checkover tips

I am looking at a large windmill for sale next week and am wondering what specific things I should check out or look for. also what is the clearance from the gripper to the platen. Any way to verify the straightness of the grippers. Thank you all for your help.

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Hi, jfitz—

This is a hard question to answer in any complete way. Best would be to run a job or two on it and see for yourself; or if the press can be seen running, that would help. Even to be shown samples of the work that has come off the press might give you an idea of what the press can do.

I think the subject of gripper clearance came up a bit ago on a thread about small Heidelbergs. If you can watch the press feeding, or check the register of the press, you can see if the grippers are picking up the sheet with the same bite.

Good luck, Brian

Yeahm what he say! By large, you mean 12by18?
If you can slip a 6pt riglet between the grips and the bare platen without too much effort from toggle to tip throughout the gripper sweep, the toggle head and grippers are probably okay.

Remove and examine the shear-pin. The 12by can still perform well with either one of two shear points intact. A new shear-pin for the GT runs about $80 now.