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I will soon be letterpress printing a small book containing seven signatures, three folios each. I’m searching for a beautiful paper to use, preferably 100% cotton. I’m considering Hahnemuhle Biblio, but am eager to hear some suggestions on papers people have used in the past for projects like this.

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You might wish to try Rives Lightweight (just a bit lighter in weight to the Biblio), but a very nice surface and takes ink well. The Rives Heavyweight is a bit heavier, and would allow for a greater depth of impression if that is your thing.

I’d suggest you get a few samples or the sheets you plan to use and see how they differ and how they fold to create the bulk of the book. If it is indeed a small format book, you may want to stay with a thinner paper (a thought from a guy who prints miniature books).

Twin rocker has some excellent handmade cotton paper. I’ve done studies on substrates for handpresses and found that twin rocker gives an excellent print, and an even better print if you dampen the paper as well, but don’t dampen for too long!

Hope this helps!

Hello all. I’m the owner of Legion Paper. I made the following post in a previous thread and based on the response it seems to have been well received.

We have lots of different papers available (including some mentioned above) which are ideal for Letterpress printing. You can find a list of our papers for Letterpress here If anyone would like to try an assortment, I’d be happy to send out some free 8x10 samples.

I’m not trying to sell or push any particular paper in this forum. I just thought I might be able to help you try different things without having to spend $. If you are interested drop an e-mail to [email protected]. I hope this is helpful.