hi im todd and im recenlty the proud producer of hungry howies pizza door hangers for a printer who got a windmill and needed it set up and run to die cutt. WHERE CAN I GET MORE FURNITURE AND DO I NEED A DIE TO KISS CUT A PERF OR IS THERE JUST A METAL BAR TO JIMMY UP TO THE FURNITURE? P.S. I AM DIE CUTTING WITH THE PRESS BUT HTE OWNER IS ASKING FOR FINER PERFING AND SCORING QUESTIONS AND IM WINGING IT .

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Don’t wing it!

Presuming you are doing this work on a Windmill, you ideally should get a die-cutting jacket for the platen. The die-cutting jackets are available from NA Graphics (also available on Ebay or through suppliers such as Bar-Plate).

You can “get by with a lot of other material (score or die-cut rule taped flat on the tympan as a counter, BUT that’s pretty hokey and invariably will fail (causing potential damage and heartache to the operator and press.

NA Graphics sells a variety of perf rules (the metal bar to jimmy?). You will want type high .918 rule to start. If you want round punch-outs/doorhangers or other non-straight shapes, there are many steel rule die-makers out there.

Good luck, take your time, and be safe.

thanks mike ive work on this type of press in the past and just got the bare minimum supplies to start . and had to get the furniture from demers here in fla. its a shame when an owner of a company buys such a thing of mechanical beauty and doesnt know what they are gettin (or not getting) when they make a purchase. jacket was there but no furniture,tools missing etc. this platen press has an H.S. insignia instead of the original heidelberge. its a 13 x 18 and i down loaded the manual from this site. TECH QUESTION. The gripper bars do drag a little on the jacket is that NORMAL ? I try not to make too many adjustments. Thought process there is its OOOLLLLD and probably pre ww2 and no tell ing the abuse its been through(ddelivery table has been welded,delivery table release lever is bent around the press, and counter reset knob nonexistent) but hey ive done 14000 + IMPRESS IONS THUS FAR AT 2000 PER HR WITH 3 DIFFERENT SETUPS.