Aluminum Type

Anybody have opinions on aluminum VS lead type? Jim

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It’s lighter?

It exists?

A zinc alloy was used for a while, which probably contained aluminum, and maybe magnesium…extremely dangerous to cast if done carelessly…I’m not sure anyone ever used a predominantly aluminum alloy.

Lead/antimony/tin was the mixture for 99.99 percent of cast type…It is all you will find these days.

Here is a link to my flickr – try to take a look!
Gott grüß die Kunst

i worked for a company setting hand type back in the early 80’s, they had some aluminum type, sure made the form lighter, it worked well except for some pitting , we used engravers rubbing stones to remove it. most aluminum type was over inch and a half. dick g.

The seller who wants to sell the “aluminum” type to me says it came from LA TYPE, and she used it for foil stamping. Then, would this be Aluminum or an Alloy? Seems too heavy to be pure aluminum. Will it work as well as the old lead type? It is all like new, most never been used.

if it has not been used it should be ok, but if it is lead type and was used for foil stamping it could be worn, foil stamping heats up the type and seems to wear it very fast. .good luck dick g

Jens, beautiful type, thank you for showing it. Jim