Golding & Co Pearl

I recently bought a Golding Pearl and would like to talk with others who own one. Are ink rollers held in with bearings etc.
Where can I find manual? A chase? Comprehensive photos? Jim 719-659-4686

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will take some pics of the rollers for you…


Alain, saw the photos on the link you gave,thank you but nothing close enough to see rollers and how they roll, trucks? what? My rollers just have about a 1/4 inch shaft coming out from the rollers, and they are too lose in the keepers. Jim

I have a No 3 Old Style and it does require trucks that are stepped to the size of the roller (roughly a 1/2 inch tread, and then is shouldered down to fit the keepers, so the the truck is what rotates in the keeper. I think Golding is the only company to make trucks of this arrangement so if you have no trucks with your press, you will need to find somebody with a lathe who can make them for you. If you need exact measurements for that, let me know and I’ll measure mine. This of course is only of value if you have the No. 3 Oldstyle (7 x 11).

You might want to look around for Mike Anton (not sure if he’s listed on Briar Press), as he’s the foremost collector of Pearl Presses and might be able to point you towards a supply of trucks if necessary.

Mike, thank you for so much good and helpful information. Will follow up on Anton lead. Jim