making envelope liners on a vandercook

Hello everyone,

I want to make a custom die for some envelope liners. I have a Vandercook, and I’m wondering, is this possible? Do I have the die made somewhere and then run it on my press….or do I have to make the die myself? I’m trying to figure out a way to do this the easiest way possible without having to outsource the whole thing, but also without having to hand cut out liners. Has anyone done this? Thanks,

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try apple die ( i use them (almost) on a weekly basis. they are very helpful.

I use butler brothers in Kansas City. You just need to know how to properly set it up. You also need to purchase a die jacket.

I am a fairly new printer, and I am actually in the market for a die jacket for our Vandercook. Could anyone offer advice, or a contact I could reach out to in order to get one made?

Die jacket
Check the heidelberg cylinder manual re diecutting. You may not need a die jacket for Short runs with Small dies. Sheet metal or hard plastic on the cylinder will simulate a die jacket. You must calculate your packing so that if your die is .918 cut that you only cut the product not the plastic or die jacket.