Vintage 30” Challenge guillotine paper cutter

Hi! can anyone help me discover the date this machine was made? I’m restoring it to put it to use as a wood veneer cutter. Thanks, deulen

image: The challenge 025.jpg

The challenge 025.jpg

image: veneer cutter.jpg

veneer cutter.jpg

image: The challenge 020.jpg

The challenge 020.jpg

image: The challenge 019.jpg

The challenge 019.jpg

image: The challenge 014.jpg

The challenge 014.jpg

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hi im todd i dont know the date but what a thing of mechanical beauty. i restored abdick 360s and townsend heads in the late 90s and must tell you when you do the restoration use a wire whell on a drill or bench grinder and a ton of w-d 40 . then the paint you want to use should be a cool color with metalic flake. Yes think about it pimp my cutter. we did a abdick printing press in metalic purple and gold pinstriping. we hated to sell it or even rest a cup of joe on it it was aww inspiring every one who saw it was awwed. too bad it didnt bounce up and down off the floor. Todd

p.s. use a lind seed oil on that rusty table before it pits good luck. Todd