Can I use auto wash for press and type cleaning?

I went to the commercial printing shop in town and asked about ink and wash they use. They give me the thing called “auto wash.” It made by FUJIFILM with the label DT-2R. I checked online and it is a Thermal Positive CTP Replenisher. I don’t see any information online to use it for cleaning the press or type. Did anyone knows if I can use it for the cleaning process?

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I looked that material up on the Internet and it is NOT a press wash. According to the MSDS, it’s a Potassium Hydroxide based plate developer. I would not put it on my rollers or press for any reason. Whoever gave it to you must have certainly done so in error OR they gave you something else in a FujiFilm container. Either way, I’d bring it back to them.

Here is the link to the MSDS:

I would not get all hung up on press washes, though. We use deordorized mineral spirits in my shop….. and there are a number of “green” washes on the market. They have been discussed at length here on Briar Press…. the pros, cons, and where to buy it.

Thank you very much winking cat press. I don’t know if they give me something else in the FujiFlim container. I actually went there to check if they use california wash and I can buy from them. They obviously didn’t use california wash. At the end of the conversation, he went back and brought me this clear liquid. He told me that it is the auto wash.

I probably will bring it back to them as your suggestion.