Looking for a mover for a Vandy SP15

Anyone know of a good machinery mover in the GTA/Toronto ON area that can move a Vandercook SP15?
Thanks. joe

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try don black, i think he is in toronto, he is in the yellow pages on this site. good luck dick g.

Hi Joe,

SP-15s are fairly simple to move. I had to haul one out of a basement, up around the side of a house, onto a fairly simple hitch-trailor, off the trailor and across my yard & into my shop. We did this with 4 people (one at each corner of the press). With the carriage they’re about 1200lbs, without the carriage around 900. Piece of cake, really. Just don’t be too quick to pull the carriage off unless you’re comfortable aligning the rider-teeth on reassembly.

Joe, perhaps inquire on Uship.com. I’m getting bids from several carriers to move press from OK to CO. Jim

Just be aware that uship.com doesn’t represent riggers— they are a resource for freight companies. An un-crated press is not freight. Treating it as such you are taking a serious risk. It is a risk I have taken myself and the results have ranged from perfect execution to total destruction.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Thanks for all your advice.
I found a local piano mover for the man power. It was a very smooth move, but I’m glad I hired the guys to do the heavy lifting. We did remove the carriage, but I need to clean it up, remove some rust, oil and maybe replace to rubber rollers. Hopefully I can get back together.