Help with identifying this font set

Hello, I’m trying to determine the name of this font. Can anyone help?


image: IMGP1462.JPG


image: IMGP1468.JPG


image: IMGP1472.JPG


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American Type Founders’ Canterbury, designed by Morris F Benton, and released in 1926.

Great, thanks!

In the past few years, Canterbury has been incorporated on a lot of the packaging from Harry & David, and is very elegantly used there. That has been true for the past few years. With my luck, it will have all been dumped for an updated packaging look this year! I went into a Harry & David outlet store two years ago and was mesmerized by how well Canterbury was used throughout the store on a majority of their packaging.

As a coincidence, we just received a Harry & David holiday catalog so I quickly leafed through it to confirm my observation about the use of Canterbury type. Alas, the art directors have moved on other faces. The “fashion” syndrome strikes again! Oh well, at least someone recognized how good-looking this old-timer was a few years ago and breathed some life back into it.

Some of these designs are simply classics, but they are revived and forgotten in cycles as the constant search for something ‘new’ dominates the design field. I distinctly remember an Arrow ollar ad from the 1970s. The headline pretty much sums up my point of view. YOU CAN’T BE A CLASSIC FOR JUST A LITTLE WHILE.

I am looking for Canterbury font to buy; I love it and have a very limited selection. Anyone have some they can part with? any size.
thanks, lkh